The Trouvaille Journal is an online international literary magazine focused mainly on poetry for young people all over the world.

Trouvaille literally means to stumble upon an enchanting thing by happenstance, and we’re more than ecstatic to have you here.

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This journal is a petite poetry-house, and we accept poetry of all forms and stages: the wolfbites and the moonscoops, the flower-petals and the stir-crazies. We want the soft and the wild, the dark and the light. We want your work if you truly, wholeheartedly believe in it.

We are dedicated to the representation of minorities, the acceptance of diversity, the idea of feminism in its truest sense. We want ideas that open our eyes and ears. We want work that dances on everything that needs to be heard. We want philosophy. We want literature that helps us grow into better people. We want poetry that explores the most mundane of moments in the most creative of ways.

We look first and foremost for people who have not been published anywhere before. If you have never been accepted by any magazine or journal yet, feel incredibly free to submit to us, because we do not ask for prior experience. However, if your genius (by some crazy chance) does not make it to the journal, you can always try again. We do not limit to how many times you can submit, as long as you send one piece at a time.

That being said, send us your best pieces! We accept the poems that make us feel a soft thud at the bottom of our hearts.

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Phoenix Ashe: 

Phoenix Ashe is a 17-year-old university freshman. She is also a poet, baker and an artist, and also considers herself a feminist queen, a kind libertarian, and a multilingual goddess. Phoenix writes on Wattpad, where her books have acquired over 70K reads. Her work has appeared in The Rising Phoenix Review, and she works as a poetry editor for Minute Magazine and Culaccino Magazine, as well as a writer for The Love Letter Club and Youth Allusion. She believes in kindness, being soft, and creating the best out of what you have. When she’s not writing or working on her journal, she can be found playing the ukulele, getting slapped in the face by her cat, or making new friends (and talking to them). You can find her on her website, her twitter, and instagram, and read her work here.

We are extremely enthusiastic to announce that we will be hiring new staff members for our upcoming issues soon! Are you interested in joining us?



You can find our upcoming issues here.


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The very first issue of The Trouvaille Journal, Volume One: The Awakening will be coming soon. We are working very hard to make this issue the most perfect it can be, and when it is, it will be available for you to download for free.

We cannot wait for it to land in your hands!

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