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Ashwath Narayanan is a 17 year old writer from Pune. Student by profession and author by heart, Ashwath loves rainbows, gummy bears and binge watching spoken word poets. Someone who recently discovered spoken word poetry, Ashwath realized that most poetry he wrote was suited to be voiced out. Ashwath believes in the power words can hold over people, and hopes to move mountains with his words.

I Know

About The Poet

Feba is an uninteresting sixteen-year old, with an aberrant affinity towards music from the ’50s, crime-history and pop art (although she herself cannot draw). Her hobbies, apart from writing, include learning new languages, trying to sketch (and miserably failing), binge-watching Korean dramas and trying to build up her low self-esteem. She hopes to pursue a career as a forensic scientist, whilst impacting the world around her with her writing.

I know

I know; there are memories that strangle your mind and choke you

Till you’re drowning in the ocean of your sanity;

I know; the white walls that surround you become your best friends,

not because you want them to

but because your mind is chained to an unending chain of insecurities

and perplexing anxieties

that refuse to let you free.

I know; that behind every word that bleeds onto your coffee-stained pages

is a story that the universe yearns to know; but yet, for some reason,

every story you spin is like a scream in the void.

I know; that it gets tougher by the day, to hide the feelings you yourself can’t comprehend

from the reaches of those who don’t care.

I know; those around you do not understand; they never will,

but remember, when you break down for any incomprehensible reason,

your tears have greater stories to tell,

than the entire world could contain.

I know; you long to break free from the cage of your sinful mind

and run away; to a place of orange and purple skies,

a land tinted with green and blue; the sunshine falling on you,

your hands entwined with someone you love.

I know; that each day seems like a thousand-year battle

But, I also know,

One day,

every piercing feeling that made your heart bleed,

will fade away.

Where Words Go To Die

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Akanksha Varma is a college sophomore from Delhi, majoring in English. In her free time, she enjoys watching romantic comedies, and Gilmore Girls, reading, and listening to music. She also enjoys cooking and is fond of travelling. Whenever there is silence in the house, she is most likely to be found sleeping.


About The Poet

Ridhima Kathuria is a petite seventeen-year-old ENFP and LibSoc. She is a Humanities student who loves dogs. Words fall short to describe her love for clinical psychology. She whiles her time away procrastinating procrastination, getting her hand on the guitar and keyboard, experimenting with mashups on Audacity. She is also an amateur poetess on Mellifluous Cacophonies. 

Teenaged Girls Are Magic

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Harnidh Kaur is a part-time poet and a full-time student of Public Policy. Her first collection of poetry, The Inability of Words, released in 2016. Her second book, The Ease of Forgetting, under Thought Catalog Press is a 2017 release. She was a Campus Diaries 25 Under 25 finalist in the Writing category, and was shortlisted for the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize 2016.

五道茶 (Five Types of Tea)

About The Poet

There really isn’t much to this particular eccentric Chinese Wonton named Jane Law except that she has a strong preference for cool animations, complex characters in well-thought out plot lines, and preferably likes to glue her eyes on comic pages as well as TV screens. Her first ever achievement was breaking a stereotype that haunted her for life: failing a math test while you’re an Asian. She has a strong passion for writing together with doodling and hopes to pursue a successful career in writing that strives for creativity and originality.

Teach Me

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vans is a young desi poet who hopes to move people with their poetry everyday. when they’re not lurking on the internet, they can often be found trying to procrastinate, trying to study, trying to read, trying to art; well, trying to live. they are passionate about feminism, lgbtq+ rights, and gay fanon ships, and welcome you to hit them up with a message anytime. you can find them as vildflowers on wattpad.