Phoenix Ashe: 

Phoenix Ashe is a 17-year-old university freshman. She is also a poet, baker and an artist, and also considers herself a feminist queen, a kind libertarian, and a multilingual goddess. Phoenix writes on Wattpad, where her books have acquired over 70K reads. Her work has appeared in The Rising Phoenix Review, and she works as a poetry editor for Minute Magazine and Culaccino Magazine, as well as a writer for The Love Letter Club and Youth Allusion. She believes in kindness, being soft, and creating the best out of what you have. When she’s not writing or working on her journal, she can be found playing the ukulele, getting slapped in the face by her cat, or making new friends (and talking to them). You can find her on her website, her twitter, and instagram, and read her work here.

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Elisabeth Hewer is a twenty three year old poet who lives in south west england. She likes dogs and sunny evenings and thinking about space. You can find her on her websitetwitterpinterest, and instagram.

She has had poems published in apeiron review, twice in -ology journalthe rising phoenix review, and has poems upcoming in doll hospital journal, hypertrophic literary and another in -ology. Her first collection of poetry, Wishing For Birds, is now available for purchase through playtus press!

Online assistant editor Aditya Narayan is an eighteen-year-old geek from India, and the author of two books on Wattpad. His poems have previously appeared in Udaan. He’s currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in English. When he’s not busy writing or worrying about the utility of a Humanities degree, he can be found holed up in his bedroom, singing, playing the harmonium, or refusing to grow up. You can find him on twitter and read his work here.

CONTParidhi Puri is a sarcastic, suave goofball currently studying in 11th grade. Words are her defense mechanism, and she can be found reading, writing, speaking or shouting all the time. She has been published in Times of India and Changing Tomorrow, among others. Equipped with her legendary puns and passion for everything she sets her eyes on, she is the editor of her school magazine and runs a blog at The Girth Within.

Vans is a young desi poet who hopes to move people with their poetry everyday. when interthey’re not lurking on the internet, they can often be found trying to procrastinate, trying to study, trying to read, trying to art; well, trying to live. they are passionate about feminism, lgbtq+ rights, and gay fanon ships (sigh), and welcome you to hit them up with a message anytime. you can find them as vildflowers on wattpad.   


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