Submissions for The Trouvaille Journal are now open!

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☼ Guidelines ☼

  • You may send us only one piece of poetry at a time; multiple submissions will be regretfully declined.
  • We consider free verse, experimental and prose poetry. We do not accept limericks, rhyming poems or haikus.
  • Any length would be fine. There is no word limit.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed given the condition that you inform us as soon as your work is published somewhere. We will not disregard your work (unless you ask us to), but simply check that it is okay for the other party for us to publish your work.
  • We accept previously published work, but unpublished work is more likely to make it to our blog. Previously published poetry will not make it to our print/pdf issues.
  • If your work was previously published on a personal blog or writing website, we ask to you kindly take it down upon acceptance.
  • If your work is published on TJ, you must include a note clarifying that your work was first published in The Trouvaille Journal if you ever publish anywhere on the internet later on.
  • As much as speaking out loud about the crude and raw is very much required for progression, we aim to make this journal a child-safe place. Hence we request you to not send us anything that your 10-year-old sister to not read, (knowing she’d also have to face this world.)
  • Any work pertaining to or supporting racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, xenophobia, or any kind of discrimination on the basis of creed, religion or gender will be automatically disregarded.
  • We acquire World Archival Serial Rights and Electronic Rights.
  • Please send your work to us in pdf format, single spaced.
  • You must include a bio of about 80 to 120 words in third-person along with your poetry submission in the body of your email. Failing to do so will mean the dismissal of your work, no matter how capturing it might be. We do not require a cover letter or a photograph.
  • We accept submissions on a year-long rolling basis.
  • If you do not get published, send us another after you receive a rejection letter. The particular piece might not have been right for us. We do not believe there is any limit to creativity.
  • Submissions must be sent to with the subject “JOURNAL SUBMISSION: [Name of your work || Style of Poetry]”
  • We are not yet accepting art. We will in the future, so please be patient.

 A Little Added Bonus 

  • We will automatically give your piece more importance if you send us an annotation of your poem along with the piece you are submitting. It is your work, hence there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Give us a background, maybe. Explain and point out literary devices. Explain why you chose the structure. Do it your way.
  • Your annotation must be included in the same pdf file on a fresh page. It will not be published.

☀ Submissions